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Bicycle Freewheel 8 Cassette
  • Bicycle Freewheel 8 CassetteBicycle Freewheel 8 Cassette
  • Bicycle Freewheel 8 CassetteBicycle Freewheel 8 Cassette
  • Bicycle Freewheel 8 CassetteBicycle Freewheel 8 Cassette
  • Bicycle Freewheel 8 CassetteBicycle Freewheel 8 Cassette
  • Bicycle Freewheel 8 CassetteBicycle Freewheel 8 Cassette

Bicycle Freewheel 8 Cassette

BICYCLE FREEWHEEL 8 CASSETTE is produced by redland company in China.Redland company is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the sales of bicycle spare parts and integrating production, development and sales. At the same time, the company is also a supplier of bicycle spare parts of many well-known brands at home and abroad. Our company has rich products, most of which are cross-border best-selling products, and are mostly welcomed by customers at home and abroad. The company has sufficient product inventory, spot supply, cooperative production by many large Taiwan funded enterprises, and excellent product brand. At the same time, the company is also constantly developing new products to provide customers with more competitive products.


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Product Description

1. Product Introduction 

This BICYCLE FREEWHEEL 8 CASSETTE is one of the most cost-effective accessories in 24 speed vehicles. The so-called card freewheel is directly mounted on the card hub without thread buckle. General Merida and giante models can be used in general, but the customer must check whether the flower drum is card type or rotary type, and the rotary flower drum needs to be equipped with a rotary freewheel.

2. Product Parameter (Specification)





Number of teeth



370 grams


internal thread 34mm, thickness 38.8MM, the maximum diameter of 122MM


3. Product Feature And Application

The BICYCLE FREEWHEEL 8 CASSETTE is made of rigid tension steel plate, finely quenched, tempered and hardened, and the surface is nickel chromium silver. Moreover, this BICYCLE FREEWHEEL 8 CASSETTE has multi-layer electroplating and rust prevention, high-precision tooth shape, tooth loss design, smoother speed change, drilling and weight reduction, strong compatibility, and is preferred for middle-end vehicles.


4. Product Details

Precautions for this BICYCLE FREEWHEEL 8 CASSETTE,The freewheel of a modern mountain bike, no matter how many pieces, is installed on the tower base of the rear hub and locked with the freewheel cover. The splines on the tower base ensure that the variable speed slope of the freewheel plate can be aligned according to the manufacturer's design. The ratchet device of the hub is located inside the tower base. Therefore, the freewheel can be removed without opening the hub. When removing the freewheel, use a special freewheel removal tool with a chain freewheel fixing wrench to loosen the freewheel cover.

5. FAQ

Q:Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

A:We are manufacturer, we can customize products for you.

Q:Is the product free shipping?

A:Sorry sir ,you have to pay the shipping cost.

Q:Do you have overseas warehouses?

A:We have a warehouse in California, USA,but only some products.

Q:How long is the delivery time?

A:Usually 3-5days

Q:Can i order 100pcs?

A:please contact with our saler and confirm whether we have 100pcs.

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